Assessing emerging opportunities and risks for SIDS and LDCs from the growing blue economy 

With the global blue economy expected to double by 2030, communities in SIDS and LDCS are being impacted by an accelerating scramble for ocean resources and benefits. The burgeoning blue economy will generate myriad opportunities and threats, and SIDS and LDCs will be disproportionately burdened by the associated risks. It is essential that the acute vulnerabilities of coastal communities in these countries are assessed and addressed.

Part three of the research project led by the Stockholm Resilience Centre will deliver a synthesis report on the diversity of sectors making claims on the ocean, and the emerging opportunities and risks to the economic safety and wellbeing of vulnerable communities and social groups, including women. This report will also examine the role of financial systems -including investment opportunities, risks and insurance-, and highlight mechanisms that can guide the development of policy instruments and interventions to support adaptation.

This work is shining a light on the equity implications of increased ocean use across the globe. The report has the potential to drive systemic change by focusing on who and what is financing these emerging ocean sectors, and which levers could be used to redirect capital toward accelerating action for a sustainable ocean economy that benefits those most exposed to ocean risk.