Addressing the gender dimension of ocean risk exposure in SIDS and LDCs 

The poorest and most disadvantaged people in Small Island Developing States (SIDS) and Least Developed Countries (LDCs), the majority of whom are women, are disproportionately exposed to ocean-derived risks, and the resulting economic and societal consequences. However, most climate finance initiatives do not focus on the poorest coastal people, and effective pathways to bolster women’s adaptive capacity and build resilience remain largely unexplored.

This project is the second component of a pioneering research initiative, and focuses on the gender effects of ocean risk exposure in the blue economy, particularly those related to women in small-scale fisheries. The aim is to identify emerging opportunities and challenges, as well as support gender-transformative approaches that a wide number of stakeholders – including governments, civil society, funders and business – can take to mitigate ocean risks, empower women, and strengthen adaptive capacity and resilience. This will help to address existing disparities, strengthen gender equality and the leadership of women and girls, and benefit vulnerable coastal communities.