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26th May 2021

UK Government becomes full member of ORRAA as G7 countries strengthen their support 

Lord Zac Goldsmith, UK International Environment Minister, has announced that the UK Government is moving from being an observer to a full member of ORRAA...

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17th May 2021

ORRAA welcomes Deutsche Bank as global lead banking partner

ORRAA is delighted to welcome Deutsche Bank as a full member and as its leading global partner from the banking sector...

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25th February 2021

ORRAA announces the winners of its first Ocean Resilience Innovation Challenge

ORRAA ran its first Ocean Resilience Innovation Challenge in late 2020 to surface finance and insurance innovations that build coastal resilience to ocean change while delivering a return on investment...

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25th February 2021

Building ocean resilience through innovation, investment and entrepreneurship

In a Virgin Unite blog, ORRAA Co-Chairs Karen Sack and Chip Cunliffe discuss the need for a transformative global response to ocean risk...

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13th November 2020

The Ocean is changing faster than ever. Investing in Nature can help us protect it

Writing for the World Economic Forum’s Agenda, ORRAA’s Karen Sack, Chip Cunliffe and Nathaniel Matthews set out how...

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10th November 2020

Investing in nature-based solutions to build resilience to ocean risk

In a piece written for the 2020 Paris Peace Forum, José María Figueres (Board Chair, Ocean Unite) and Denis Duverne (Chairman, AXA Group and Chairman, Insurance Development Forum) set out the urgency to better understand...

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1st October 2019

Responding to the emergency of ocean risk

The mounting evidence of the environmental, human and economic costs of ocean changes demand urgent and meaningful action to address ocean risk. And yet, our global response has not, so far, matched the scale and complexity of the challenge...

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24th September 2019

Building coastal resilience

Karen Sack, Chip Cunliffe and Nathaniel Matthews explain how ORRAA is using innovative finance mechanisms to help protect and regenerate coastal ecosystems in China Dialogue Ocean...

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