The Alliance is hosted by the Global Resilience Partnership at the Stockholm Resilience Centre. Driven by our members, our work is centred on delivering our three priorities, and in particular, on strengthening the pipeline of financial products that incentivise investment in coastal natural capital.


The Secretariat delivers the day-to-day management of the Alliance, managing its Practice and Innovation, Science and Research and Policy and Governance functions.

The Secretariat, which includes a team from AXA XL, Ocean Unite and the Global Resilience Partnership, manage our work programmes, budget and fundraising, as well as our outreach, engagement and communications activities.


ORRAA benefits from the support of a small group of influential leaders with policy, finance, insurance and civil society expertise. Our ambassadors guide the work of the Alliance and promote it across governments, the private sector, civil society and the NGO and scientific community helping to deliver positive change across the world.

Steering Council

ORRAA’s Steering Council brings together a representative subset of our members from across sectors and meets twice a year. Made up of ten to fifteen members appointed for two years, the Steering Council shapes and sets the agenda for the Alliance, and provides guidance and focus to the Secretariat.

The Steering Council is responsible for ORRAA’s transparency and accountability, and for making sure the Alliance’s mission is delivered.