Ecosystems such as reefs, mangroves, seagrass beds, wetlands, saltmarshes, beaches and dunes play a critical role in coastal protection against ocean risk, and in sustaining local communities and their economies.

Yet they are amongst the most threatened habitats on Earth.

Protecting and regenerating these critical ecosystems requires investment from a combination of private, government, philanthropic and development finance. But a lack of understanding of how investing in nature-based solutions can provide a timely and productive return, underdeveloped finance vehicles and the lack of a pipeline of products have so far restricted significant investment.

ORRAA brings together the insurance and finance sectors, governments, non-profits, and stakeholders from the Global South to pioneer finance and insurance products that incentivise investment into nature-based solutions, with a focus on protecting the regions and communities that need it most.

Our aim is to drive $500 million of investment into nature-based solutions by 2030, and surface at least 15 novel finance products by 2025.

We are currently supporting a number of projects around the globe and looking to incubate more through our Ocean Resilience Innovation Challenge.

The Alliance works across three key areas:


Practice and Innovation

Building risk-adjusted, innovative and scalable products that change the risk perceptions of investing in coastal natural capital and increase resilience while delivering a return on investment

Science and Research

Accelerating research and using data to better understand, analyse, predict, model and manage ocean risk

Policy and Governance

Informing and advancing ocean resilience policy, governance and public understanding

Delivering the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

ORRAA’s mission to unlock innovative investment in coastal natural capital and build resilient infrastructure will help deliver the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our work to mitigate investor risks and incentivise private and blended finance will help meet some of the SDGs funding requirements, while our overall aim to address ocean risk is aligned with SDG 14 (see Life Below Water target 14.2).

We aim for our projects and research to contribute to the delivery of a number of the SDGs:

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